Packages of training are flexible and needs based. For some ideas or past training themes please get in touch.


Group Training

Often in a school, there are a number of teachers with similar Professional Development needs. In order to meet these needs, Inclusive Classrooms is able to provide twilight, half- or whole-day training to groups of up to 10 members of staff on any topic.


Teaching is a stressful job. It is also the only job that works to support the educational and mental health needs of children that does not have compulsory supervision as part of registration requirements.

Sometimes accessing supervision is important for a teacher so they are able to reflect on their practice and ensure they are equipped to support the children with whom they work.

Inclusive Classrooms can provide individual coaching and supervision for teachers. This may be a one-off session to address a particular issue within their practice, or ongoing to help them manage stress and improve their practice.

Drop-In Sessions

Report writing, Individual Learning Plans, Parent-Teacher evenings. Just three events that can add to teacher stress. At these times, schools may like to have support for their teachers that is both practical and supportive. Inclusive Classrooms can come to your school for half a day to help teachers write effective ILPs, to help them discuss how to manage difficult meetings they may be worried about, or to provide coaching around report time.


Pricing Structure

As this is an individualised service prices vary. To get an idea of costs for group training please see the table below (significant discounts are provided for coaching or supervision due to reduced planning and preparation requirements):


Length of Training Approximate Cost
Twilight (2 hours) $500
Half Day $1000
Full Day $1500