Inclusive Classrooms began as a training provider for schools and other institutions where there are educators and/or teachers, who want to improve their work with children with diverse needs.

In 2015 the Victorian Institute of Teaching published their Special Needs Plan. This plan set out new requirements for teachers to complete training each year in supporting children with additional or special needs. This requirement is part of the ongoing 20 hours per year of Professional Development that all teachers require.

As a teacher, Julia completed many professional development days and sessions. This has helped to ensure that all training delivered as a psychologist is practical, fun and informative. Some ideas of training completed since 2017 include:

  • Understanding what is ‘normal’ stress and what to worry about during exam time
  • Circle of Friends training for staff, supporting children with disabilities in the social environment
  • Mindfulness for children (including meditation classes)
  • Supporting children with diverse needs in non-traditional learning environments

Prices for full, half or twilight trainings are available and are highly competitive. Inclusive Classrooms is listed on the Victorian Institute of Teaching training providers register. All training comes with a certificate that can be used as evidence for meeting the Special Needs Plan PD requirements and includes signposting to further reading or resources.

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