Fees and Rebates

Schedule of Fees from July 2021

Individual Therapy (50 minute session)$160
Cognitive (IQ) Assessment$675
Academic (WIAT-III) Assessment$675
Emotional Behavioural Assessment (BASC-3 or similar)$200
Adaptive Behaviour Assessment (Vineland-3)$200
Full Educational (IQ + WIAT-III) Assessment$1250
Complete assessment (including cog, academic, behavioural)$1350

Diagnostic assessments may include any of the above, some indicative prices are below (subject to change, cost will be agreed prior to assessment)

High ability testing $675/775
Specific Learning Disability (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia). $1350
AD(H)D assessment$1350

Medicare rebates may be available for Individual Therapy sessions with a GP referral

This cost also includes all assessment materials, a feedback session and comprehensive report including recommendations for yourself and your child’s school.

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