Having an Emotionally Literate Classroom

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) sets out what students are expected to learn across all year levels from Prep to Grade 10. Alongside the Learning Areas, this curriculum also identifies 4 ‘Capabilities’ that students are expected to meet. These are: Critical and Creative Thinking Ethical Intercultural Personal and Social The area of PersonalContinue reading “Having an Emotionally Literate Classroom”

Supporting Development Through Play

‘Play, as a medium for curriculum delivery, is recognised as the most appropriate way for young children to learn’ Neaum & Tallak, 1997 Did you know that this week is Children’s Week? This is a national program recognising the talents, skills, achievements and rights of young people. Throughout the country there are a range ofContinue reading “Supporting Development Through Play”

ASD: Reducing Anxiety Caused by Social Interactions

I read this beautiful blog recently. It was written by someone who was diagnosed with Asperger’s later in life, and talks about how their ‘cup of human interaction’ was full and how hard this made school. It was timed perfectly as I had just had this discussion with a parent whose child was starting toContinue reading “ASD: Reducing Anxiety Caused by Social Interactions”

What we can learn from Superman about raising children

Following on from yesterday’s post about Superheroes in the Classroom, today’s post is just a bit of fun about how we can learn from Superman. This is adapted from Rosenberg (2008) ‘Superman’s Personality: From Krypton, Kansas, or both?’ Behavioural Activation Systems: We are all born with innate ‘activation systems’ that vary depending on our biologyContinue reading “What we can learn from Superman about raising children”

Superheroes in the Classroom

In his book ‘The Psychology of Superheroes’, Rosenberg explores the context, happiness and positive psychology of popular superheroes. As Peterson & Park point out in chapter one, superheroes do not seek pleasure with their superpowers (indeed, it is normally their arch-nemeses that are doing this), but create happiness through connecting with something larger than theirContinue reading “Superheroes in the Classroom”

How Growth Mindsets improve student pride

The following is a summary of a research study undertaken by Ellen Maria Cook, Tim Wildschutt & Sander Thomaes (Educational and Child Psychology, 2017, 34(3)) Those working in and managing educational settings should consider implementing teaching approaches and learning environments that are inclusive, supportive and conducive to the development of a Growth Mindset. Carol DweckContinue reading “How Growth Mindsets improve student pride”