FACE COVID workbook for children

Right now things are pretty challenging for a lot of families. Even if you are lucky enough to have safe and comfortable accommodation, access to basic necessities and be in a low risk group, there are still challenges for each of us.

I am one of those who is fortunate enough to not have any major challenges right now; however, I that doesn’t mean I haven’t struggled. This week I have found it hard to keep focused on what I can do to help myself.

Right before we went in to social distancing restrictions here in Australia, I finally followed through on a long-term goal of attending a training by Dr Russ Harris (www.actmindfully.com.au). This training was a two day introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which I have been familiar with for a few years, but really wanted to develop my skills in. Since then I have been using his materials frequently in sessions.

Russ is an amazing presenter and therapist, and he generously gives away so much of his time and so many of his resources. He recently developed FACE COVID to support people’s psychological wellbeing during social isolation and the current world health pandemic. This weekend I decided to engage in some committed action and produce a child-friendly version which you can download right here:

Please feel free to circulate this to others or to share. Credit to Russ Harris for the original concept.

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